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About i-Pro

i-Pro is a professional company that cares to make a difference to be known as the best holiday rental software.  A software booking system is known to be unique, cost effective booking management system. I-Pro software are experts in the vacation rental industry for providing streamlined solutions for vacation rental businesses to manage their properties, allowing to manage from one property to over 500. I-Pro is a powerful CRM, with its cloud based software that is flexible, user-friendly and affordable to the individual needs of their clients in the vacation rental industry.

i-Pro main features include:

  • Contact Management
  • Lead Management
  • Booking Management
  • Templates and email integration – customizable templates and email communications
  • Payment providers
  • Reports and analytics
  • Automated alerts and notifications
  • Easy website integration

i-Pro software is a UK company with a reputation of great service and value for money. I-Pro is a flexible package that suits the needs for different types of property owners. It allows full user control along with advertising and bookings, preventing any unrecorded bookings, double bookings and other costly mix-ups.

i-Pro CRM holiday rental software main services are their leading CRM based booking system, their mobile friendly web designs with cutting edge websites, and their channel management to effectively distribute properties to leading partners in the holiday rental software industry.

The CRM based booking system is advanced in the market as you can book your holiday rentals anytime in anyplace. They are aiming to become the best vacation rental software by providing features such as contact management, lead management and booking management into their CRM booking system. In regards to their Contact Management section, allows users to keep track of owners, suppliers, clients and partners. This feature in their booking system is available online anytime. Their Lead Management is the hub of where booking activities take place. Their system allows to track all enquires, communication, log callbacks and reminder notifications. The Booking Management side of I-Pro’s booking system is an online booking engine where bookings made are accepted online or taken over the phone. Rental prices and commissions have discounts inclusive or agent fees and holiday extra’s. I-pro advanced communication system will ensure the admin is streamlined automating the tricky tasks and ensuring everything is ready on arrival.

They also provide integrated email system in order to keep up to a reputation of best holiday rental software. The email system allows you to track incoming and outgoing messages which confirms delivery and read status. Their powerful email template builder enables you to create unlimited number of preset templates, where you can choose templates to send to appropriate replies. I-Pro’s email templates are easily editable and can make amendments before sending out emails, which can be viewed anytime.

The booking system also features advanced reporting and analytics. The system provides a wealth of management and business intelligence focused reports to help grow and manage your business in order to keep up to the reputation of best holiday rental software. The reports generated in I-Pro’s booking system can be created as bar charts, pie charts and line charts in order to analyse trends and measure your growth path. I-Pro provides you with a personlised dashboard, allowing you save core reports and have all the information you will need accessible quickly.

The alerts and notification section in I-Pro booking system has been built to reduce admin time and overall be time-consuming friendly. I-Pro enables you to configure your alerts and notification to let the system control who needs to know what. Alerts and notifications are controlled via email which are run through automatically based on status of payment, date of booking, incomplete information and more. I-Pro will provide you with a dedicated project manager to work with you with your overall growth.


iPro pricing structure provides four packages. starting from low to high; Lite Package (up to 25 units) at £150pm, Professional Package (up to 50 units) at £250pm, Agency Package (up to 100 units) at £400pm, Enterprise Package (up to 250 units) at £750pm.

Support Included Yes No
Free trial Yes No
Free Demo Yes No
Price range :
  • low
  • mid
  • high
Price Models :
  • Fixed price
  • Percentage of revenue
  • Fee per Booking
Head Office :
United Kingdom
Type :
Cloud, SaaS, Web
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