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About Lodgify

Lodgify aims to be the ‘all and everything’ vacation rental businesses need to create a website and manage all bookings from one place. Lodgify’s system is a Software-as-a-Service model, where no software download or hardware is required.

Lodgify features include: 

  • Web Design
  • Website Builder
  • Channel Manager
  • Reservations System
  • Booking System
  • Integrations
  • Payment Processing
  • Marketing and SEO
  • Support and Unlimited Hosting

One of their most known features is their web designs, in order to increase bookings with eye-capturing web templates. All their website templates are mobile-friendly and feature an integrated booking engine so it is easier for guests to reserve directly through their website. They offer over 30 web design themes to choose from which have been handcrafted by expert web designers. Within the web templates, Lodgify keep up with the most up-to-date features, as well as all websites being built on HTTPS and use SSL encryption to provide the highest quality level of security for guests and to achieve become the best holiday rental software in the market.

Another feature is their website builder, where you are able to build your vacation rental website with a ‘book now’ button and more with no technical skills required. By this vacation rental businesses are able to upload property details with flexibility on Lodgify’s CMS, letting you easily add and manage content of your website. Unlimited images can be added, descriptions, amenities, rates, mapping and availability for your properties – no matter how many properties you have. You are also able to add, manage and modify your website navigation, as well as customizing page layouts. Lodgify’s websites are SEO-friendly which follows best practice and supports page optimization, so potential guests can find your business on search engines more effectively.

Lodgify’s Channel Manager provides a good level of connectivity to the major OTAS out there. Be able to synchronize your external vacation rental listings to ensure calendars are up to date and consistent. You can also handle external listings and reservations in less time with less hassle. This channel manager automatically synchronizes your availabilities across your listings on external portals so you do not have to do it manually. Once your Lodgify calendar is updated, all your other calendars will refresh to reflect new availability in using Lodgify. Your reservations are all in one place, as Lodgify automatically imports any bookings you receive from your external channels into your reservation system. With Lodgify’s channel manager, you would not need to worry about updating your Booking.com or AirBnB listings again, as this channel manager automatically updates the other channels for you with connecting directly with their APIs. The two-way integration export rates and availabilities from Lodgify to Booking.com and AirBnB as well import reservations from the platforms with all the details.

Lodgify’s optimized reservation system aims to simplify booking management. The reservation system consists of a centralized calendar and inbox, where you are able to receive all reservations from your vacation rental website, phone and external listings. By this you are able to easily manage incoming bookings and create manual quotes for guests. The reservation system also allows you to block certain booked calendar periods, guaranteeing no double bookings. Be able to simplify guest communication, and be in touch with your guests to convert them into bookings. Communicate with guests directly from Lodgify using our built in-guest CRM, where you are able to view the guests and booking details. Minimize your workload by auto responses when it comes to guest communication for events such as booking confirmation, payment receipt or upcoming arrival communications. Your Lodgify account will automatically send this ready-made messages out as well as personalized emails. You can also use the email templates, where you can create and save pre-formatted reply templates. The good part is that you can manage reservations on the go. Lodgify provide the flexibility of managing your business from anywhere at any time on mobile.

The booking system is just as good as the rest of the features. The booking system is seamlessly designed and built to instantly receive online bookings and payments for vacation rentals from the first day. All in all Lodgify provide a painless booking process. Their system easily guides guests through the necessary steps in the booking process and automate payment collection. Lodgify supports multiple payment methods so guests can choose the gateway that suits your business the best. The booking system automatically calculates exact prices for travelers according to your rates and policies, as well as generate instant quote for guests within the reservation system. The online system supports all currencies and rate policies, be able to create effortlessly promotions to increase occupancy and create and offer add-ons as optional services.

Lodgify have a list of integrations for your vacation rental businesses to benefit many areas. Easily connect with tools you may need to manage your rentals, and save time and boost productivity. They have integrations with AirBnB, Booking.com, Expedia, HomeAway, CalendarSync, Zapier, Mailchimp, OutSwitch, GoogleAnalytics, and PriceLabs.

Another feature that stands out is the payment processing, where you are able to accept online payments for your vacation rentals. Effectively receive transactions from guests globally through your Lodgify website. This is an advantage for international travelers as you will be able to grow your business when you begin to receive online bookings and payments from them. Also it is easy to manage payments and benefit from full control over rental income. Lodgify’s payment processor is built to accept any kind of credit card payment effortlessly. You can also process payments from Booking.com from one click.

Lodgify provides marketing and SEO tools to help increase traffic to your website and overall spread awareness about your vacation rental business. You are able to take full control of how you want to appear in the search engine results with best practice of SEO – thanks to their SEO friendly website templates. Lodgify will automatically submit sitemaps to major search engines to ensure your website is indexed correctly. Another tool is the reviews collector, where guests reviews and recommendations will directly be on your website. This will help build reputation of your business as well as credibility. The key is the more reviews you have on your website, the more trustworthy you appear to guests. Also, Lodgify’s CMS enables you to show your website in multiple languages to attract international guests, where the website is automatically translated the content in your website from Google Translate. Lodgify also integrate with your social media accounts, where the website templates can directly link to this.

Last but not least, the technical support you can expect to receive from Lodgify. You can expect to receive qualified technical support and dedicated expert advice from real people. They provide quick-response customer support to help solve issues fast.


Lodgify pricing is based on a monthly fee for a single property or multi-property. Single property price is set for £25 monthly, while the multi-property price starts from £63 monthly depending on the number of properties you have. There are no set-up fees, Lodgify offers free 7 days to use their software.


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