Top 10 Tips - How to receive guests at Vacation Rentals

1. Make your greeting personal

The first thing to note on how to receive guests at vacation rentals is by being personal. Automation makes operations easier, but just one personal message can make all the difference. It is always best to write up a personal thank you message for the guest to book with you. This can be sent out on the pre-arrival of their booking date, 1-2 days before. It is also ideal to send a list of events happening during their stay in the area.

2. Personalized check-list

A personalized arrival check-list adds a nice touch to your guests welcome. There can be elements of the stay you can set up for the guest to make them more comfortable. This could be setting the air-conditioning to the temperature they want or heating, leaving the front door lights on, whether a sofa bed is set up, whether they are a coffee or tea drinker.

3. Complimentary welcome pack

Every guest loves being welcomed by complimentary gifts, as this makes a positive start to their stay at your property. This could be either a small goodie bag with essentials for breakfast such as honey, jam, bread, crackers or luxury bath soaps. Or maybe even just a bottle of one of the popular drinks that everybody loves. Who doesn’t love a free gift? You can build this into nightly rates so you cover costs.

4. Safety and security

Your short-term rental needs to be sure by the host that it is safe as possible for guests to stay in. Hosts should ensure to follow safety essentials such fire extinguishers are in place and located in areas where there is a risk of fire, providing an emergency safety card to tell your guests where to go during an emergency situation, a floor plan that clearly demonstrates escape routes and fire exits. 

5. Choice of wording

Words are powerful tools that can make a huge amount of impact during communication. The selection of words you will need to use is to influence your guests in a positive way as this will impact how they will feel. For example, if your vacation rental is booked out, it is not recommended to come across as ‘unwelcoming’ or not bothered to say words such as ‘’we are fully booked, sorry.’’ This is because it gives off an impression of a non-open question for the potential guest to book with you as you are not willing to resolve their issue. Instead, you would ideally rephrase that sentence to say ‘’We are fully committed at this very moment, but we can offer help for you to find alternative accommodation?’’. It is important to build a good relationship with your potential guests.

6. Provide directions

It is very useful for your guests if you send directions to your property of where they will be staying prior their booking date. This gives your guests the impression that extra level of care and service you are providing. You can use Google Maps to send them the step by step directions or a URL link to Google Maps directions via text or email.

7. Provide detailed house rules and tips

It is crucial to remember your guests have not been to your property before. You can make a detailed one page PDF on house rules and tips.  To initiate a more inviting element leave a welcome message that provides the answers to FAQs, such as where common amenities can be found in your home. 

8. Respect your guest's privacy

Avoid interacting with your guests unless they ask you a question or reach you first.  It is important to respect your guests’ privacy and to be sure there is a balance between giving total privacy, but also being available for them to reach you when necessary.

9. Local suggestions

As your guests will most likely be new to the area they are staying in, it will be super useful for you to provide a list of suggestions. A local’s guide of what the best restaurant, cafes, pubs, cinemas to visit! This is definitely a good tip to remember on how to receive guests at vacation rentals.

10. In-person greeting or not

Human interaction has always won over any situation when it comes to communication. Give your guests the options pre-arrival if they would prefer to have yourself as the host to greet them before they stay into the property or not.